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How can we make our aesthetic ideas concrete, through light and technical possibilities on stage?
With a theoretical part and a practical part, the course helps dancers and choreographers to work more consciously with the light and the technical elements. Starting from the shape of a stage and the terms we have to use, we will learn to distinguish the light and technical equipment and how to use it for our artistic needs,  passing through the theory of light and color and its dramaturgical use, analyzing videos and iconographic materials about dance and theatre, and arriving to draw a lighting plot and write a technical rider.
In the second part we will put into practice the contents learned, such as setting up, focusing and playing with light on stage.
Born in Milan, Italy, after classical studies in high school Giulia graduated in Live Performing Arts with a thesis on the scenic device by Robert Wilson, Romeo Castellucci and Jan Fabre.
Parallel to her research path, she attended set design and scenography courses.
In Valencia, Spain, Giulia started working as set designer assistant, while back in Italy she specialized as a lighting technician and lighting designer, working for theatre and dance companies, as well as an assistant in opera shows.
Since 2012 she has been working continuously as a lighting designer and technical director for Deflorian / Tagliarini, Annamaria Ajmone, Fattoria Vittadini and Cristina Rizzo, following Italian and international tours and continuing to collaborate on projects with various artists including Marco D’agostin, Enzo Cosimi, Giorgia Nardin, Simona Bertozzi and Codex Ivan.
As a stage technician she has worked for Atir, Teatro Ringhiera, Centrale Fies, Volterrateatro and others.
Since 2018 Giulia has been in charge of the technical and set-up management of Spazio Fattoria c/o Fabbrica del Vapore, as well as of T!Nk P!Nk Festival and Festival del Silenzio in Milan.