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Artistic Director

Performer, choreographer, and transdisciplinary creator, Carlo Massari has carved out an eclectic artistic path, ranging from prose to musical theater, dance, and physical theater. Through his relentless exploration of new performative languages, he has solidified his artistic signature in the hybridization of various disciplines.

Over the years, Massari has collaborated with prestigious entities such as the Venice Biennale, Barbara Nativi, Marco Baliani, Teatro dell’Argine, TeatroDue, Cie.Balletto Civile, Cie.Abbondanza-Bertoni, Cie.della Rancia, Cie.Petri Dish, and many other internationally renowned Companies.

In 2011, he founded and became the Artistic Director of C&C Company, a research and production company in the field of theater-dance (supported by the Ministry of Culture). Through C&C Company, Massari affirming his role in the contemporary creative field.

Simultaneously, he has been a choreographer for esteemed institutions such as Salzburger Landestheater, Teatro Regio di Parma, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, and Accademia Filarmonica Romana. His versatility has made him an integral part of significant theatrical productions, contributing to the success of seasons, festivals, and dance companies.

In 2020, his artistic commitment was recognized with the prestigious “CollaborAction#5” award from the AnticorpiXL Network, leading to his appointment as Associate Artist of the Oriente Occidente Festival. His biography unfolds as a journey rich in experimentation, dedication, and significant contributions to the contemporary artistic scene.

Beyond his prolific work in theater and dance, Massari has expanded his artistic influence through collaborations in various contexts. His transdisciplinary vision has led to innovative projects, including performative installations and site-specific performances, challenging the traditional boundaries of performing arts.

In addition to his explorations in performative arts, Massari has integrated emerging technologies, virtual spaces, and interactivity into his projects. His curiosity for new digital frontiers has led to collaborations with digital artists and developers, creating experiences that defy conventions and engage audiences in increasingly immersive ways.

Aware of the importance of international collaboration, Massari has participated in projects promoting cultural and artistic exchange on a global scale. His presence in international festivals and creative residencies has helped build bridges between diverse artistic communities, fostering stimulating and enriching dialogue.

His dedication to innovation and continuous experimentation positions Massari as a prominent figure in contemporary artistic avant-garde, contributing beyond the traditional stage, to explore new expressive frontiers. Moreover, his ongoing research of connections between performative arts and social issues has led to projects addressing contemporary themes, expanding the role of the artist as a catalyst for reflection and social discourse.

With a pioneering approach and a commitment to innovation, Massari continues to shape the contemporary artistic landscape through various mediums, transforming his visions into multisensory experiences that extend beyond conventional boundaries.

The Artist has also played an active role in arts education, conducting workshops and seminars nationally and internationally. His commitment to nurturing new generations of artists reflects his passion for imparting knowledge and inspiring emerging creativity in the field of performing arts.

In 2019, in collaboration with Leggere Strutture Art Factory, Massari launched ANFIBIA, a transdisciplinary training program for contemporary performers and creators. As Artistic Director of ANFIBIA, Massari played a key role in conceptualizing, developing, and implementing this transdisciplinary training program, shaping it into a unique educational environment.

Under his guidance, ANFIBIA has stood out as a place where diverse disciplines converge, promoting hybridization between different artistic languages. His leadership has facilitated the intersection of theater, dance, music, and other expressive forms, providing participating artists with fertile ground for exploration and experimentation.

Massari has created an inclusive and stimulating environment, where participants can access conceptual and practical tools from various disciplines. This integrated approach aims to shape versatile artists capable of pushing beyond the traditional boundaries of their original disciplines.

Through ANFIBIA, contributions have been made to shaping the future of the international transdisciplinary performance, supporting the growth of a new generation of artists capable of tackling complex creative challenges and embracing an “amphibious” approach to their artistic practice.