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Antonella studied classical dance in Switzerland and graduated from the Royal Academy of London. Her passion for contemporary dance and theater blossomed during her university studies when she met Simona Bertozzi and Nicola Laudati (Laudati Danza Bologna Company). She specialized in FloorWork and Release technique.

Crucial in her technical-expressive side and compositional in her work is the intensive experience she shared with Inaki Azpillaga, Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez company, Brussels) German Jauregui, Frey Faust e Pippo Delbono. Concerning the methodology, it is critical the meeting she had in 2010 in Brussels with the music therapist Nadine Rodilla (International Theatre Roy Hart), with whom she started a scientific creative research on the use of the voice and the corporal movement connected to it. Since some years she teaches contemporary dance to actors and dancers and she works in the field of applied neurophysiology.